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Film Industry And Productions Schedules Predicted To Boom In Summer 2022 Post-COVID

Updated: 5 days ago

The film industry and production schedules are predicted to boom this coming Summer as strict COVID mandates are eased and movie theaters prepare for patrons eager to escape the heat and enjoy a good film.

In 2021, the industry shifted in technological processes and the heavy impact of the global pandemic. Innovation and competition were spurned, and pressure was put on specific business models common to the film industry.

Embedded in the business of imagination, the industry now faces a distinct opportunity to reassess the way films are made post-corona.

The impact of COVID-19 and a return to traditional production methodology

Compared to 2020, Los Angeles production made a comeback in 2021, thanks to new TV series like HBO's "Euphoria" starring Zendaya.

The last two quarters of 2021 were more active than the entirety of 2020, which mustered a mere 18,933 shoot days and marked a 48% decline from 2019, FilmLA said.

"The biggest takeaway from this report is that the pace of local production continues to increase," says Paul Audley, President of FilmLA.

"The late-pandemic recovery is uneven in some ways, but community receptiveness to filming is steady, and the work opportunities are undeniably there." - Paul Audley

Small-scale productions thrive as larger studios take a hit

While smaller-scale productions continued to film in Los Angeles, bigger shows requiring more people on set were delayed.

Feature film production was impacted significantly by the pandemic. Likewise, many movie theaters remained closed, and production houses delayed movie releases.

"Feature film production has some pretty wild cycles," Audley said. "Unlike TV, which comes in and can move fairly quickly, the lead-up to produce a large feature is longer. My instinct is that they've become more cautious as the pandemic has continued worldwide."

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