1. - Large Raw Brick Warehouse, 1122 square feet

  2. - Studio/Production Area:  White Room with vintage signage on one wall, 515 square feet

  3. - Outdoor Courtyard: Connects all spaces, cinderblock/brick walls, 441 square feet

                The Warehouse, Studio and Courtyard are all rented together.

  1. - Annex: White Room with distressed far wall, and production area, 524 square feet

                Large productions should consider adding on our Annex.


This 88-year-old building has a lot of character.  When you rent our warehouse you have access to the warehouse, studio, and courtyard. We also have an Annex which can be added on for large productions or for more shooting areas.  All rentals include power, WIFI, track lighting, 20 chairs and 2 folding tables at no extra cost. Additional chairs and tables may be rented from us on our Gear/Prop Rental page. All spaces have tall ceilings and concrete floors. The warehouse has distressed brick walls, a skylight, two shuttered windows and entrance from the courtyard. There are two bathrooms in the studio and an additional bathroom in the Annex.  There is a makeup station with mirror, wardrobe racks and privacy screen. The combined spaces are perfect for shoots that need room for production and staging. You may build your own sets or alter the stage to fit your needs.    


As an event space we can seat up to 150 people in the main warehouse, and up to 250 people standing room throughout. Events can go until 10:00 pm. Later events are possible however certain restrictions may apply.


We also rent chairs, tables, lighting, grip gear and camera.  Please go to our Gear/Prop Rental page to see a complete inventory of gear, accessories and props. Rentals must be reserved in advance.  We have a fog machine!


We have assorted props. Go to our Gear/Prop Rental page for pricing.  We also have a jail set which can be erected upon request.  The jail set can be a single cell or two cells. Includes props (beds and toilet). See photos on our Gallery Page and see pricing on our Gear/Prop Rental page.

Monk Space is a production stage for shooting Film, Video, Webisodes and Photography. It is also available for Art Shows, Theater, Private Events and Weddings.